The government of Ontario is currently offering sizeable energy-related rebates to businesses large and small across the province who would like to retrofit or upgrade their existing lighting scheme to a more energy efficient LED, fluorescent or induction one but are being stymied by the initial capital outlay. This special incentive program – dubbed the saveONenergy Retrofit Program – is intended to level the playing field and allow any company that so desires to make the switch to more cost effective lighting solutions by covering a substantial portion of the conversion costs.

Ontario SaveONenergy Rebate

LED Direct can handle all aspects of the submission and approval process for you from filling out the initial application right through to compiling the information that the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) will need in order to issue your rebate. Our retrofit coordinators’ hands on approach reduces the amount of time you need to invest in the process to an absolute minimum so you can focus instead on running your business, while our familiarity with all aspects of the process helps ensure you’ll receive the maximum allowable rebate. In addition, LED Direct is recognized by Toronto Hydro as an experienced Applicant Representative meaning your application will not get lost or bogged down in bureaucratic red tape and your rebate will be processed in a timely fashion.

Ontario SaveONenergy RebateWe understand that once you decide to retrofit or upgrade your building with a new, energy efficient lighting scheme you’ll have enough on your mind without also having to worry about filling out utility worksheets, gathering technical specs and researching the vagaries of the saveONenergy application and approval process. That’s why we’re happy to put our expertise and experience to work for you to simplify the government rebate process so that all elements of your retrofit program can proceed in the most efficient, worry-free manner possible.