By now you have taken advantage of our free Go Green energy audit, decided to proceed with a retrofit or upgrade of your existing lighting scheme and allowed us to set the government rebate process in motion for you. Now it’s time to install the comprehensive, energy efficient lighting solution you have chosen for your business: a process that involves 4 key components.

  1. Project Management – Managing the conversion process will be one of our highly trained and experienced retrofit coordinators. Because we believe that transparency is a key component of complete customer satisfaction, these individuals will not only oversee the actual work being performed but also make themselves available to you throughout the process to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.
  2. Effective Scheduling – Every effort will be made to schedule work in a way that accommodates to the fullest possible extent the fundamental logistical requirements and key processes of your business. Our team of fully licensed, master electricians will adhere to the confirmed schedule and proceed with the energy star installation in a professional, courteous and unobtrusive manner that allows your business to continue to operate across the board with only minimal disruptions.
  3. Waste Disposal – As work proceeds any and all waste products generated will be handled in a manner that conforms to both the letter and spirit of all relevant government regulations regarding the recycling or disposal of such materials.
  4. Confirmation – And finally, upon completion of the work a comprehensive inspection will be conducted to ensure conformity with the requirements of your ongoing saveONenergy rebate process.

LED Direct is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive, effective and dependable lighting retrofit or upgrade possible in order to help maximize your company’s potential and secure its future. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you at every stage of the conversion process to achieve this goal.