If you have been wondering whether your business could benefit from a retrofit lighting solution there is no better way to find out than with a free Go Green Energy Audit from LED Direct. This no obligation, free service is designed to show you how to unlock the hidden potential of your business by lowering operating costs through a more efficient and effective lighting program. To minimize interruptions to your business operations the analysis can be scheduled for a time that is convenient for you.

Once you decide to take advantage of our free energy audit, our professional auditors move in to perform an in-depth analysis of every aspect of your current lighting scheme and controls: from switches to the number, type and intensity of lights you currently use as well as everything in between. Nothing escapes their experienced eye. As the audit progresses a clear picture begins to emerge regarding what is working and what is not relative to your existing lighting program and the resulting data is then compared to projected savings from an appropriate retrofit lighting program – taking into account as well the government’s saveONenergy tax rebates, which we will help you claim. The final conclusions are then presented to you in an energy savings retrofit proposal.

While our lighting energy audit will yield different results for different businesses, it is our experience that nearly every business can benefit significantly from a lighting retrofit or upgrade. The goal of our free audit program is to shine a light, so to speak, on the potential savings your business could enjoy as a result of a retrofit lighting solution and to help guide you through the process of conversion toward a more sustainable and affordable energy future. The chances are that your current lighting scheme is burning through money. Our free energy audit will show you how to put out the fire.