Ontario saveONenergy Rebate

The government of Ontario is currently offering sizeable energy-related rebates to businesses large and small across the province who would like to retrofit or upgrade their existing lighting scheme to a more energy efficient LED, fluorescent or induction one but are being stymied by the initial capital outlay. This special incentive program – dubbed the saveONenergy Retrofit Program – is intended to level the playing field and allow any company that so desires to make the switch to more cost effective lighting solutions by covering a substantial portion of the conversion costs. READ MORE

Retrofit Lighting Audit

If you have been wondering whether your business could benefit from a retrofit lighting solution there is no better way to find out than with a free Go Green Energy Audit from LED Direct. This no obligation, free service is designed to show you how to unlock the hidden potential of your business by lowering operating costs through a more efficient and effective lighting program. To minimize interruptions to your business operations the analysis can be scheduled for a time that is convenient for you. READ MORE

Retrofit Lighting Proposal

Our Go Green energy audit thoroughly examines your existing lighting scheme and takes the pulse of your building itself, including how it impacts and works in concert with – and sometimes counter to – the needs of your business. Our auditors then draw conclusions based on a range of criteria including… READ MORE

Quality Installation Services

By now you have taken advantage of our free Go Green energy audit, decided to proceed with a retrofit or upgrade of your existing lighting scheme and allowed us to set the government rebate process in motion for you. Now it’s time to install the comprehensive, energy efficient lighting solution you have chosen for your business: a process that involves 4 key components. READ MORE

Warranty and Maintenance

In today’s business world customer service is often treated as an afterthought. You may call to complain about a problem with your toaster and wind up talking to someone half a world away who knows little about the product and less about how to resolve your issue. We at LED Direct take pride in bucking the trend of customer neglect. We believe in the value of top-notch customer care as a guiding philosophy and see the practical benefits of it every day in the form of positive word of mouth. READ MORE