In today’s business world customer service is often treated as an afterthought. You may call to complain about a problem with your toaster and wind up talking to someone half a world away who knows little about the product and less about how to resolve your issue. We at LED Direct take pride in bucking the trend of customer neglect. We believe in the value of top-notch customer care as a guiding philosophy and see the practical benefits of it every day in the form of positive word of mouth.

Our commitment to our customers does not end the day our master electricians finish the job. It continues on in the form of our warranty backed maintenance program which includes our one year labour warranty. Add to that the fact that many of the products we install during a lighting retrofit or upgrade are warrantied by their manufacturers for up to five years and you can rest easy knowing you will not be left to fend for yourself in the unlikely event you should experience a labour-related or equipment failure.

The bottom line is this: we stand by our work, we stand by the high performance equipment we install and we stand by your right to expect things to continue to work the way they were intended to long after installation is complete. To help facilitate continuous optimal performance of your retrofit or upgraded lighting solution we also offer a total electrical maintenance program that continually monitors every aspect of your building’s electrical system for faults or anomalies in order to head off potential problems before they occur. When this maintenance program is combined with our labour warranty and manufacturer’s product warranties the end result is a wide ranging umbrella of protection that will allow you care-free enjoyment of your new energy efficient lighting solution for years to come.